" I contacted Marie as I have suffered with severe and daily headaches and migraines for 5 years getting worse. I also had a range of other symptoms like dry skin, dry eyes, diarrhea, stomach aches, cramp, poor circulation, tiredness and a lack of energy. She took the time to listen and understand thoroughly and came up with a plan of herbs I would take and supplements I needed. She informed me of blood tests I needed and to make sure I had a MRI scan. She connected physical and mental well being telling me what activities like Yoga and meditation I could include in my life. She went the extra mile by spending a lot of her own time researching for me and sending me links on specialists I could see and things I could try that help with migraines to find a much needed resolution. She really took her own time out and cared enough to phone and message after the consultation to get updates from me. Whilst my condition is so severe it is still ongoing it has improved a lot and is now continuing to improve. Thank you Marie for your caring advice."  LAR Lancashire.

I found my self at a time in my life when I needed help with my hormones.
I am cautious with using drugs and would like to avoid for as long as I can.
Marie is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and offers a service I’m more comfortable with: herbs.
I particularly like the teas.
I would recommend Marie’s services to anyone that is seeking a healthier lifestyle.

"When I went to my first consultation with Marie I was feeling very low physically and emotionally. According to my GP there was nothing wrong with me, but I was experiencing symptoms that were starting to seriously affect my work and home life.

Thanks to Marie, 6 weeks and two consultations later I feel so much better and feel a vitality I haven't felt for years. Marie helped unpick my symptoms to identify some possible causes which would have remained a mystery otherwise. My herbal remedies arrived promptly in the post after the consultation and she also gave me easy to implement advice on nutrition and supplements. I feel transformed and can't thank Marie enough for her help, advice and herbs."



As Medical herbalists we are often told there is no clinical evidence of the efficacy for herbal medicine. You just need to search in any of the leading scientific databases to find reams of clinical evidence.


One of my patients is a London GP and this is what she says.

Marie  offers traditional medicine through carefully selected herbs with a holistic and evidence based safe approach – low risk, effective & highly recommended.

West London GP Yasmin