Western herbal medicine

First consultation 1 - 1.5 hours             Ladbroke Grove   £70,  Stockport, Urmston, Didsbury  £60

Follow up consultation 30 Minutes      Ladbroke Grove   £55,  Stockport, Urmston, Didsbury  £40

Example of a herbal dispensary thanks to  Wisconsin University

Example of a herbal dispensary thanks to  Wisconsin University

spiritual healing

Is healing via the transfer of energy from healer to patient. It has no religious connection.

Healing for adults and animals  available on request. Fees and clinics on request.


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make time for mindfullness

Find some quiet time every day at a time that suits you. Try and stick to the same time use your imagination to take yourself to places such as the tranquil place below.

From September 20th 2018, Thursday 6pm- 7pm  Guided Mediation available at Pamper Me Stockport



Self care with Herbs

Would you  like to see if Herbal Medicine is for you? Book in for a 30 min overview session that includes a flower essence for your particular health needs. Available in all clinics. £30 per session.